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Prosper, TX

"I was just talking to a friend about how perfect these boards are! They are definitely worth it and way better than any board at at a restaurant! I am a charcuterie board enthusiast and have had many boards around DFW and these are the best! I want one to have to myself!"


Frisco, TX

"I’ve watched Katie make her creations since I started working with her over 13 years ago. Her love for food, unique pairings, and food fashion is what these boards are all about.
This is what Food Couture looks like."


Prosper, TX


"The Boards are delicious and always have such a variety of options. I love how beautiful they always turn out as well!"


Bixby, OK

"Katie puts a lot of thought in every board she creates. They are all not only beautiful but delicious too!"


Prosper, TX

"Board and Bread created an amazing, beautiful and delicious board for a special girls night in with my college girlfriends! We loved just sitting around the board, munching and catching up! Katie is a charcuterie artist! Thank you so much!"


Frisco, TX

"Such an awesome experience! The quality and beauty of the board was off the charts. A huge hit at our cocktail party. Run don’t walk to order yours today!!"


Prosper, TX

"Katie, you are beyond talented. The board was a HUGE hit!! It was delish and everyone enjoyed the different mixes all night long. Not to mention the presentation was stunning! Can’t wait for the next one!" 


Frisco, TX

"Katie makes the most AMAZING cheese boards. I order cheese boards at many places and hers are, by far, the BEST; the best quality, the best quantity and the cutest little honey dipper thingies! Just got a “Birthday Board” for my birthday dinner and it was perfect (and beautiful- who makes food beautiful?? Yep- Katie does!) She makes each one with love. Thank you sweet friend!!"


Carrollton, TX

"No joke, as excited as I was to chat with all my friends at the party I was at, I did not want to leave the counter!! Katie does a great job at mixing and matching flavors...every single bite was a match made in heaven!"


Prosper, TX

"Thank you SO much for putting an order together for me on such short notice! 
Loved every bit of it! Will most definitely be ordering again!"